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About Suzanne

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Educated and lived in England, Australia (University of Technology, Syndey) and The Netherlands (Nyenrode Business University)

Managerial positions in diverse industries: Energy (Linde Gas), Knowledge (TNO), Life Scienes and Food (Carrier Sensitech), Teclo (KPN), consulting (Deloitte.) and Labeling & Packaging (Avery Dennison)

Passionate about the Customer, working with ambitious people, food & drink, travel

Hey, I’m Suzanne. Thank you for visiting my site!

From the moment I started my marketing degree I became fascinated by the customer. And strategy. Seeing how one business did a much better job of satisfying its customer than a competitor. Simply by having the best understanding of the customer and using this insight in making the right decisions.

I spent the next 20 years building an international, commercial b2b background, working for global companies in diverse industries like IT, Cold Chain, Manufacturing and Industrial Gases. I enjoyed finding my way in marketing research, business growth and strategy. Most of all, though, I loved interacting with our customers, at board level and work floor.

Getting an insight into their business. Using this knowledge to make changes to our services & products and in how our business as a whole interacted with our customers. And, as a result seeing how this positively affected our revenue and customer satisfaction.

It became clear to me I was always stretching my job description to ensure it included this focus on customer-driven growth. I loved the simplicity of this mindset and was impressed with the results it created. I wanted to spend all my time on helping business owners to achieve these results!

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