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The key to keeping your customers

Unexpected customer loss

The key to keeping your customers

Companies make the wellbeing of their employees their top priority.
“Ridiculous! Not going to happen.”
Yes, the million dollar business owner, who was talking about his attempts to achieve just that on LinkedIn the other day, has already been ridiculed;
“That’s not a topic you can talk about with shareholders!”
But imagine, the apparently impossible;
There are numerous companies offering employees enjoyable working environments where their wellbeing and needs are respected.

Will that affect how they choose their employer? Where they would prefer to work?
The answer is easy of course and uncomfortably clear…. Employees will choose those companies that prioritise their wellbeing!

Solve Their Problem

Customers are very similar to employees in this regard.
Both interact with your business because they are solving a problem they have – be that income to pay their bills or a product/service to use.
The key to keeping your customers is to see that they will only stay with you as long as you remain the best solution to their problem.

Take for example the use of robotic systems during surgery.
The robotic arms being produced for this purpose were large. Their size made them expensive and actually difficult to use in the relatively small operating theatres. The result being that these expensive robotic systems were bought but then hardly used… However, that’s just the way it was; robotic systems are large. That was until Versius Robotic System found a way to significantly reduce their size. Using existing technologies they designed a product that broke with this restrictive mindset that size was something that was inherent to robotic arms. This smaller, agile system provided a much better solution to the customer’s problem; a robotic system to support during surgeries in cramped operating theatres.

Another example is Plenty. Plenty has designed a way of growing fruits and vegetables on 7m tall vertical towers, inside. Without using pesticides and GMO they grow produce in a controlled environment needing much less ground space than existing growing methods. This enables them to grow the produce right on the edge of large cities thereby reducing time spent in the supply chain to a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. It provides a better solution to the customers’ problem being the desire for fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Keep searching for the best solution

Keeping your customers means knowing where in your business this restrictive mindset is – the assumption that something is impossible to change. Knowing where and consistently searching for a better solution to your customer’s problem.

Your competitive position will definitely become stronger because of it.