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Unexpected customer loss

Imagine. Companies make the wellbeing of their employees their top priority. “Ridiculous! Not going to happen.” Yes, the million dollar business owner, who was talking about his attempts to achieve just that on LinkedIn the other day, has already been ridiculed; “That’s not a topic you can talk about with shareholders!” But imagine, the apparently impossible; There are numerous companies offering employees enjoyable working environments where their wellbeing and needs are...

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No. It’s really not. It’s not about something out there, that’s developing fast. Something you don’t know about. Something that’s going to happen to you without you seeing it coming. It’s actually about something quite easy. Something you do know about. Your customers! You knowing your customers. Knowing, specifically, which problem they’re trying to solve by buying your product. It’s about understanding why people use phones instead of knowing the iPhone technology. It’s about understanding...

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