Understand The Customer

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You want to grow in a competitive market?

Understand the Customer

You want to grow. Maybe in a highly competitive market. But how, what is the best way? The internet and bookshelves are filled to the brim with options. Most though, like content marketing and customer experience, are tactics. Maybe you have already experienced the downsides of these techniques. Although they are absolutely effective, they do not foster growth in the long term or deal with continuous change.


What if you want your growth to be sustainable? Growth that continues in the face of changing customers and environment? There is only 1 way to ensure sustainable growth; creating a strong competitive position. And, there is also only 1 way to achieve a solid market position; understanding your customer.


Understand the Customer helps you, with more focus, to get a deeper understanding of your customer. And, helps you to see how you can use this knowledge to ensure that your services & products and your business as a whole, meet the needs of your customer. The result is a tight FIT between your customers and your business. Understand the Customer helps you to sustain this FIT even when change takes place like the continual technological developments. It creates a strong competitive position. And sustains it.


A stronger competitive position will make it easier for your customers to find you, enable customers to clearly see what value you offer compared to competitors, make them agreeable to your price and make them loyal.

UTC Skills

Knowing who your customer is

Knowing which services & products your customers are buying

Knowing what your customer uses your product for/which problem your customer is trying to solve by using your product

Knowing why your customer buys your product from you instead of from a competitor

Knowing how to translate this customer knowledge into input for business decisions

Knowing which business decisions affect your ability as a business to meet your customer needs

Using this knowledge in ALL relevant business decisions

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